Lavender wild flower floral water

  • Lavender wild flower floral water

Lavender wild flower floral water

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Lavender wild flower water
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Our floral waters are extracted by a traditional method of steam distillation. They have a rich composition of essential oils, natural alcohols and other useful elements of natural origin, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

Lavender floral water has a high content of natural alcohols in the composition, which makes it an extremely good cleaning disinfectant.

The antiseptic, cleansing action has a good effect on acne, skin irritations, rashes. Overall soothing and refreshing effect. The high content of essential oils in the composition * gives a rich nourishing and revitalizing effect to the skin. Hypoallergenic, suitable for children.



For facial cleansing;

Skin irritations, rashes, acne;

Hand sanitizer;


In the evaporator:

- to protect against insects

- calming effect

- deodorizing action

* We do not take the essential oils from the floral water. Distilleries extract oil and floral water is a residual product in their production.

Our floral water is obtained from freshly picked lavender stalks, from abandoned fields, fragrant tufts growing wild among the pines. Not treated.

Enjoy and enjoy :)

INCI Lavandula angustifolia wild flower hydrosol (Steamed lavender extract);

 * Packaging: glass spray pump: 100 ml

* Since its inception, we put all our products in GLASS packaging, except that this is the best form of storage for high quality ingredients, we protect nature.

Made with love!

With care for people and nature!


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