Rosa Damascena Bulgaria Flower Water

  • Rosa Damascena Bulgaria Flower Water

Rosa Damascena Bulgaria Flower Water

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Rosa Damascena Bulgaria Flower Water
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Our floral waters are extracted by a traditional method of steam distillation. They have a rich composition of essential oils, natural alcohols and other useful elements of natural origin, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

ROSE floral water is extremely gentle, hypoallergenic, suitable for all ages and all skin types. It has a nourishing effect, the essential oils in the composition stimulate the renewal and regenerative processes of the skin, regulate the pH balance, tone and soften the epidermis. It has a whitening effect, helps to spread pigment spots. Very good, gentle cleanser, shrinks pores, helps retain moisture in the skin, clarifies the complexion.


++ For cleaning the face, décolleté, neck.

++ Refreshing spray with a disinfecting effect (impurities of essential oils in the composition have an antibacterial effect and when spraying sweaty armpits, for example, ignore the bad smell by killing the bacteria that cause it).

++ you can use as a detergent when you are on the move and have no alternative in combination with a tampon or dry wipes instead of wet wipes (spray the area you need to clean and wipe with a dry cloth, tampon); as we noted, the antibacterial properties of the essential oil compositions in the composition will help to cleanse reliably, and as a bonus the skin will be nourished, refreshed and with a balanced pH.

 INCI Rosa Damascena Flower Hydrosol, Citronellol, Eugenol, Farnesol; (Steam extract of organically grown Bulgarian rose Damascene);

* Extraction: steam distillation

100% natural product, roses they are treated only with bio-certified herbs and fungicides.

* We do not take the essential oil from the floral water. Distilleries extract oil and floral water is a residual product in their production.

* Packaging: GLASS spray pump: 100 ml

* Since its inception, we put all our products in GLASS packaging, except that this is the best form of storage for high quality ingredients, we protect nature.

Made with love!

With care for people and nature!


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