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The beginning

Some time ago (about 2008 y), when my son was born, I went looking for the purest cosmetics and detergents. No matter how good and expensive products I researched, I found substances that I don't would like to use. I put up with it, but they didn't give me peace ... And so I discovered natural soap, I learned how to make it, and at the same time I started to create oil creams and herbal extractions. It didn't take me long to find that oil creams are great for some areas and periods and highly nourishing, but not suitable for other areas and periods, so I came up with moisturizers. I read for a long time, experimented, looked for the ingredients to be clean and appropriate, as well as to meet my ethical principles ... Then when we talked to friends (you know how mothers are - we often discuss our children and ourselves :)) I told them how I solved my problem with cosmetics - by making it - the only way I could be sure what was inside and how much and what needs I wanted to cover. I was asked to prepare things for them as well - and so I started doing things for more and more people, I gradually came to the idea that I could help other people to be able to take care of their skin with clean and natural products and I made a page on Facebook, I also found the farmers' market, several bazaars ... And it started :) We have had our own production laboratory for years and our cosmetics enjoy the good reviews of many of our regular customers, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning. We believe that the quality and attitude towards the products we make are the key to continuing to please our families, those of our friends and all our customers.

Now there are many people who make soaps and cosmetics around me, which I am happy about - more people stand behind the idea to take care of ourselves cleanly and naturally and to protect nature. I just want to sincerely ask them to be careful, to do it really responsibly - I'm sad when a client comes and tells me that he bought such natural, but ... For me, always making natural cosmetics and detergents funds was first and foremost a cause and I want together with colleagues who have also set out on this path to win people for it, to make them happy and make them healthier.

The products we create contain natural base and essential oils, herbal extracts, natural minerals and extracts, vitamins and acids of plant origin. They do not contain oils of animal origin, mineral oils and vaseline, synthesized on the basis of petroleum products, as well as chemically aggressive agents. All oils we work with are selected over time, such as those that are possibly obtained from Bulgarian producers - "from seed to product"; cocoa, coconut, shea butter, argan and avocado are bio-certified and are sourced from small producers in Sri Lanka. Olive oil is regional - Greek and is also a support for small producers with an ecological attitude to production.

Our production laboratory is a clean, bright and cozy space. It is important for us to have a good time while creating :)

To us come to help with labeling and packaging and disadvantaged young people (mainly deprived of parental care and with minor disabilities), so we believe that we give them the opportunity to get involved in a real work environment, which is a friendly and it is easier for them to gain knowledge, experience and work habits, and they are proud that they deserved it, what they take - just our way to give, and for them to get it with dignity.

Our philosophy excludes the use of plastic, which is why the products are not in glass packaging - the best form of storage for high quality ingredients of natural products that we create with love and care - for people and nature!

Antonia Slavova, founder
Natural cosmetics formulator,
Nature guardian

Why do we need alternative detergents and cosmetics?

I will start with one fact: our skin is the largest organ in the body.
Very often, looking for a certain effect, we do not pay enough attention to the composition of cosmetic products. However, this leads to unpleasant and in some cases dangerous consequences.

The cosmetics industry uses substances developed on the basis of petroleum products (sufficiently cheap substitutes) on the one hand and a large number of harmful substances (for stabilization and other similar purposes), which, although in small quantities, have a negative and sometimes detrimental effect on different levels of the epidermis.

Why products with natural composition?

This is not due to a miracle, but to the fact that the skin is able to absorb and incorporate natural ingredients into its biochemical processes, and natural products are rich in useful active substances.

In this sense, these products can be called "complete food" for the skin. The combination of useful natural ingredients affects the internal processes of the skin, strengthens its own and protective and regenerative forces.

And the fact: it restores its natural health, not just creating the illusion of improvement, making the skin biased towards one or another chemical ingredient imported from outside.

Our skin is the barrier of our body with the outside world. It protects us from external influences (does not allow particles of dirt, microorganisms, toxins and other unusual substances to penetrate into it).

The healthy undamaged skin surface retains moisture in the tissues and does not allow it to evaporate too quickly.
Our beauty and health also depend on the condition of our skin!

The natural soaps and cosmetics I create are used by me and my young children for a long time before I decide to share them. They are tried by me and friends recipes with proven quality and effect.

The desire, love and pleasure with which I prepare them are sealed in the fragrant molds and boxes and I am happy to share them with you for more health, mood and smiles!

All products are made only with vegetable oils and are not tested on animals!


Antonia Slavova, founder
Natural cosmetics formulator,
Nature guardian


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