What is Hydrating Cosmetics?

What is Hydrating Cosmetics? />

What is Hydration Cosmetics?

In the very name we understand that it is about moisturizing. Yes, moisturizing cosmetics give the skin the necessary amount of moisture, in addition to a portion of nourishing oils.

The moisturizing cream consists of two main fractions: the one of the combination of oils (in our natural high quality ones) and the so-called aqueous phase - which may be hydrosol - floral water (such as rose, lavender, etc.) - in our case and herbal hydrolysates that aid the purpose of the cream: chamomile - soothing; Rosemary - Balance of fat secretion, etc.

Why are moisturizing creams so useful and preferably?

First of all, the moisturizer (oils + liquid) mimics the structure of the skin - which is generally the structure of oily chains in a fluid environment. This makes it easily digestible, which gives us a double plus: on the one hand, all the nutrients contained in the natural oils that make up the cream penetrate into the superficial layers and help the skin to heal herself in deep, increase the natural skin immunity. On the other hand, no oily deposits remain on the surface of the skin, which, as dry as our skin may be, can cause pore expansion and pigmentation, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Moisturizing cream can be formulated as sufficiently dense and nutritious (which we have achieved with ours:
https://www.qqnatural.com/natural_hydrating_cosmetics/lice/natural_night_face_cream_with_argan_oil_and_rosemary andhttps://www.qqnatural.com/natural_hydrating_cosmetics/lice/natural_face_cream_for_sensitive_skin_with_argan_oil), and is much more impactful than fully oily because of its much better oil content and mastering. On the other hand, the moisturizing formulation allows people with a tendency to oily skin to use moisturizing natural creams that help them to regulate their oily balance and also have a nourishing effect on the skin without oiling it (which we have achieved with ours:https://www.qqnatural.com/natural_hydrating_cosmetics/lice/natural_face_cream_for_acne_with_tea_tree_oil_and_jojoba)

We recommend that everyone who wants to keep their skin nice and healthy should be well informed. It is advisable not to use clean oils during the day and especially when there is strong sun. The recommendation applies exclusively to the skin of the face, which is generally more specific and most exposed and exposed to weathering.

However, given the benefits of moisturizing compositions, we prefer those for the body (https://www.qqnatural.com/natural_hydrating_cosmetics/tyalo/hydrating_body_milk_moisturizer_for_dry_skin) and hands (https://www.qqnatural.com/natural_hydrating_cosmetics/race/hand_cream_calendula_and_shea_moisturizer_for_dry_skin) - light emulsion is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it moisturized and nourished, but without dense oily traces, only a fine protective layer, without any trace of gravity.

Indulge in the gentle care of the natural ingredients of natural moisturizing creams, created with care and love and tried during the years in which we make and perfect them - for perfect quality and healthy care.

We try to help with our best efforts so that healthier and more beautiful everyone decides to choose the natural and our planet is cleaner!

The QQ Natural team