All natural products made with love
Natural hydrating cosmetics and soaps


All the ingredients in our products are natural - for natural skin health.

Always Fresh

We produce natural products in Bulgaria with high quality and natural composition.

Our natural products are the right choices because

1. have a completely natural composition

2. Experience helps us to make them perfect

3. We use proven suppliers of raw materials

4. Many of the ingredients are certified as organic

5. It has been used by us, our families, our friends and clients for years

6. Not tested on animals - only on friends :)

7. Vegan

8. Made with love

Work Smart

Glass packaging - the best form of storage for a good product and environmentally friendly.

Exercise Daily

A joyful interaction for both parties.

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What are the supplements in cosmetics? />

What are the supplements in cosmetics?

I am often asked if the creams we make contain one or the other supplement ... Why is that? The conventional cosmetics that people are familiar with and familiar with is nothing more than a base - an emulsion, usually based on mineral oil (which is acid-refined waste petroleum oil). So, at this base, there is nothing that can help the skin (moreover, it is inorganic - t...

What is Hydrating Cosmetics? />

What is Hydrating Cosmetics?

What is Hydration Cosmetics? In the very name we understand that it is about moisturizing. Yes, moisturizing cosmetics give the skin the necessary amount of moisture, in addition to a portion of nourishing oils. The moisturizing cream consists of two main fractions: the one of the combination of oils (in our natural high quality ones) and the so-called aqueous phase - whi...