100% Natural Sunscreen Cream With Carrot Seed Oil & Aloe Vera

100% Natural Sunscreen Cream With Carrot Seed Oil & Aloe Vera

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All natural sunscreen. Vegan. It includes oils with a high solar filter and is enhanced by the zinc oxide content as a natural sun reflector. 100% protection from the blazing sun, without chemistry and skin irritation. Ideal for beach, mountain and garden. Suitable for babies and children - contains no essential oils. Keeps skin soft and moisturized - with Aloe added. The consistency is moisturizing, spreads very well, and a pack of 150 ml is sufficient for a 4-member family.

Between 35-50 protection, depending on the application layer. It is not necessary to lubricate after each entry into the water, a smear at the beginning is enough, except for very needy ones (white and inclined to burn skin).

Ingredients: Damascene rose hydrolate *, cocoa *, coconut * oils, carrot seed oil *, wheat germ oil, aloe, zinc oxide.

* Certified biological origin

* Packing: GLASS* jar  150 ml

* Packing: GLASS* jar 100 ml

*It comes in a glass jar that you can use after use for something else, return to us, or recycle.

The product is completely natural, free from animal oils, vegan and 100% biodegradable. It does not pollute the water basins and soils.

There are no mineral oils of petroleum origin, hardeners, artificial active substances, aromatic compositions and other ingredients in the whole range of QQ Natural products that can dry, irritate and allergen the skin.

They do not contain chemical agents and do not adversely affect flora and fauna.


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