Nettle floral water

Nettle floral water

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Nettle floral water
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Our floral waters are extracted by a traditional method of steam distillation. They have a rich composition of essential oils, natural alcohols and other useful elements of natural origin, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

NETTLE floral water is rich in provitamin A, vitamins B2, C, K, essential oils, salts of iron, calcium, potassium and sulfur; organic acids, proteins, tannins, phosphates, silicon. This makes it, in addition to a great face tonic, a well-known and proven means of maintaining hair. Sprayed at the roots helps with hair loss, dandruff, strengthens follicles, stimulates the release of natural pigments (to prevent graying of hair). The rich cocktail of vitamins and nutrients improves the structure of the skin and hair, helps to thicken and maintain healthy and shiny hair with a balanced pH.



++ For cleaning the face, décolleté, neck.

++ For hair:

 - facilitates combing, essential oils and minerals have a slight natural siliconizing effect, so the hair receives nourishment and natural protection from mechanical and chemical damage. The smoothing effect makes the hair smooth, soft and shiny.

- to combat dandruff, skin irritations, hair loss. Strengthens and tightens the follicles in the root system of the hair to keep each hair in place. Natural "fertilizer" for hair, which helps it grow healthy and resilient.

- to slow down and prevent depigmentation (graying) of the hair.

++ Refreshes and balances PH.

 INCI Nettle hydrosol (Nettle aqueous distillate);

* Extraction: steam distillation

100% natural product, fresh tips and flowers of wild nettle, collected in an ecologically clean area.

* We DO NOT TAKE the essential oil from the floral water. Distilleries extract oil and floral water is a residual product in their production.


* Packaging: glass spray pump: 100 ml

* Since its inception, we put all our products in GLASS packaging, in addition to being the best form of storage for high quality ingredients, we protect nature.

Made with love!

With care for people and nature!


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